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Category: Joint Pain

Neck Arthritis: How Your Daily Habits Might Be to Blame

Written By Preferred Medical and Rehab on November 23, 2020

    Bottom Line: Arthritis is the breakdown of the cartilage around your joints. It can happen anywhere in your body and common symptoms associated with arthritis include joint pain, stiffness, swelling, or restricted motion. While osteoarthritis is a natural part of the aging... Read More

The Neck Pain Solution No One is Talking About

Written By Preferred Medical and Rehab on November 16, 2020

    Bottom Line: You may not know that there is a neck pain solution that is recommended by most major health care organizations that almost no physicians talk about. It can work better than medication and is far less risky than injections... Read More

How to Get Rid of a Stiff Neck

Written By Preferred Medical and Rehab on November 2, 2020

  Bottom Line: Working on computers and staring down at our smartphones for hours each day has left over 20% of us experiencing neck pain over the past few months. A stiff neck is usually the result of postural issues that have... Read More

Treat Joint Pain with Preferred Medical and Rehab Chiropractic Services

Written By Preferred Medical and Rehab on January 6, 2020

Joint pain can be a debilitating issue during everyday life. Osteoarthritis is the leading cause of joint pain in older adults. At Preferred Medical and Rehab, we can help resolve this painful disease with the use of chiropractic treatment.  Joint pain... Read More

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