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5 Signs You Have a Bulging Disc

Written By Preferred Medical and Rehab on April 2, 2021

Bulging Disc SymptomsAre you suffering from pain in either your arm or leg? There's a chance that you might have bulging discs.

The symptoms are not the same for everyone, but men have twice the likelihood of experiencing it than women. Most people find these symptoms confusing, as the pain doesn't match up to its cause. There’s a reason for that.

Between each bone that makes up the spine are discs that cushion them. An injury can damage the discs and cause them to bulge.

Wear and tear can also cause this condition. The discs sag and bulge outward, a bit similar to a flat car tire without air. When small tears form in the wall of a damaged disc, it escalates into a herniated disc. Pain in the arms and shoulders means the bulging discs are in the neck area of the spine, while buttocks or leg pain means the herniated disc is in the lower back.

Bulging discs are less painful than herniated discs. However, other occasionally undetectable symptoms could mean you have this condition.

1. Pain When Coughing, Sneezing, or Laughing

You are putting pressure on your abdomen whenever you cough, sneeze, and even laugh. If you have a bulging disc, this pressure reverberates in your back and can be painful.

2. Tingling Sensation

If the bulge is in the lower back, it could affect the sciatic nerves. You may experience a tingling feeling along one side of your body, which is sometimes associated with an electric shock.

3. Numbness in the Hands

A bulging disc on the neck can cause your hands to get numb. The displacement of the disc presses on the nerves of your spine, causing your brain to react.

4. Leg Weakness

Weakness in the legs is another symptom that's often ignored, especially by runners. The sagging disc squeezes the spinal nerves on the lower back, causing leg weakness and numbness.

5. Pain Shooting Down the Leg

When the bulging disc puts pressure on your sciatic nerves, it can cause pain that shoots through the leg. You'll also most likely feel numbness in your toes.

Healing the Pain of Bulging Discs in Anchorage

Dr. Chad Hedges and his team in Anchorage have extensive experience treating musculoskeletal conditions such as bulging discs. With their non-invasive approach without the use of drugs or injections, they can help alleviate your pain and improve mobility.

Stop living in pain. Schedule an appointment today or contact us at (907) 333-6525 for a complete evaluation.

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