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Get the Facts About Herniated Disc Treatment

Written By Preferred Medical and Rehab on September 7, 2021

Herniated Disc Preferred Medical and Rehab

If you live with chronic back or neck pain, a herniated disc could be to blame. Herniated discs are one of the most common causes of back pain, with the location of the pain depending on what part of the spine is affected. Fortunately, surgery is not the only option to get you out of pain and back to doing the things you love.

Preferred Medical and Rehab offers noninvasive herniated disc treatments without the need for pain medications. Get the facts you need about herniated disc treatment in Anchorage.

What Is a Herniated Disc?

The spine is made up of a series of 24 bones called vertebrae, most of which are separated by spongy, jellylike discs. The discs cushion the vertebrae, so that you can move and bend over without the bones rubbing against each other. Sometimes, the discs slip out of place and press up against the nerves that surround the spine. 

When this happens, it is called a herniated disc. You may have also heard people refer to herniated discs as slipped or ruptured discs, but they all refer to discs that have shifted from their position between two vertebrae. 

What Does a Herniated Disc Feel Like?

Herniated discs typically cause chronic pressure and throbbing pain that usually gets worse with activity and improves at rest. The area in which you feel the pain depends on the location of the herniated disc along the spine. 

For instance, if the herniated disc is in the cervical spine, you may feel the most discomfort in your neck, while a herniated disc in your lower back can cause pain that runs through the buttocks and down the legs. Herniated discs can also cause numbness, tingling, and weakness. 

What Treatments Are Available for Herniated Discs?

Dr. Hedges has extensive post-doctoral education in chiropractic techniques for treatment of a range of spinal conditions, including herniated discs. Although he performs a customized evaluation of each patient to develop a personalized treatment plan, spinal decompression therapy is a powerful, yet gentle, drug-free option for herniated disc treatment. 

For spinal decompression treatment, Dr. Hedges will place you on a motorized table that gently stretches the spine to remove pressure on the nerves and redistribute spinal fluid. Patients usually need multiple sessions to get maximum relief. Dr. Hedges may also add therapies like ultrasound and electrical stimulation to further healing. 

Get Drug-Free Herniated Disc Treatment Today

Take the first step in becoming free of back pain by making an appointment at Preferred Medical and Rehab. Call our East Anchorage office at (907) 333-6525, or dial (907) 802-2442 to make an appointment at our Midtown location. You can also schedule an appointment online

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