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Category: Joint Pain

How a Knee and Shoulder Injection Can Ease Your Joint Pain

Written By Preferred Medical and Rehab on July 29, 2020

Tens of millions of people suffer from joint pain.  Knee and shoulder pain can cause other parts of your body to overcompensate, leading to further damage and pain.  Fortunately, with a knee or shoulder injection from your Anchorage chiropractor, you can find... Read More

Treat Joint Pain with Preferred Medical and Rehab Chiropractic Services

Written By Preferred Medical and Rehab on January 6, 2020

Joint pain can be a debilitating issue during everyday life. Osteoarthritis is the leading cause of joint pain in older adults. At Preferred Medical and Rehab, we can help resolve this painful disease with the use of chiropractic treatment.  Joint pain... Read More

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