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Physical Therapy in Anchorage, AK

Physical Therapy

What is the Purpose of Rehab / Exercise Therapy?

Physical therapy seeks to help you reach your highest potential following an injury or medical condition. It’s a type of rehabilitation that is highly individualized and focused on seeking improvements in bodily function.

Many people pursue physical therapy to recover without the use of pharmaceuticals or surgical intervention. Some can achieve full recovery, while others find a path to independence after a debilitating injury.

Physical therapy offers a path toward pain relief, restored function, and proper healing. The approach can also include a focus on fitness, ergonomics, and education on how to prevent future injury.

What Happens During Physical Therapy Sessions?

The injury or medical condition that brings you to physical therapy is unique, as is your body’s response to that challenge. Because no man or woman has the same needs when it comes to physical therapy, the experience is unique to each patient.

These are some common activities that occur during physical therapy sessions:

  • Strength training

  • Flexibility work

  • Range of motion exercises

  • Balance and coordination skills

  • Endurance training

  • Relaxation and stress relief techniques

  • Ergonomic improvement training

Healing and regaining mobility takes time, and it’s important to avoid rushing the process. Part of the benefit of physical therapy is having a skilled professional there to guide you. You can get the most out of your experience by collaboratively partnering with your dedicated care provider.

Is Physical Therapy a Stand-Alone Treatment Approach?

Physical therapy can yield impressive results on its own, but it’s even more effective when used in conjunction with other approaches.

At Anchorage Spinal Care, physical therapy is often combined with other treatment options to help get you back into the swing of things and living your best possible life.

Therapeutic massage is an excellent complement to physical therapy. Massage can address issues with your connective tissue, prompt circulation, and hasten your body’s natural healing process.

Nutrition counseling is also a great way to boost the effects of physical therapy. As your body heals and you being to regain optimal range of motion, nutrition education can help you choose the best possible fuel for your health and wellness.

The team at Anchorage Spinal Care embraces a holistic approach to healing and recovery. Combining techniques and approaches creates a customized physical therapy treatment plan perfectly aligned with your unique needs and goals. Schedule an appointment to get started today.